First Visit

AFirst visit to dentists a pediatric dentist, Dr. Copes completed an additional two years of hospital training designed to treat children from infants through the teen years. His focus is not only to treat and care for your child's dental needs but to assist in making your child's dental visit more positive and enjoyable.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a child's first visit occur around the first birthday. At Silly Smiles, a child's first visit is designed to be light hearted and fun yet effective. Barring any emergency, a child's first visit consist of an exam, radiographs, a cleaning and fluoride treatment. Before leaving, the child's dental needs will be discussed with the parent/parents and if need be a follow up appointment will be scheduled.

It is our desire to make your child's first dental visit as fun as possible in an attempt to help your child enjoy a life time of SILLY SMILES

Dr. Eric Copes and Staff

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